Elegant Themes Review 2018: Is It Worth It?

For every blogger, website developer and even the novice content writer, having an easy website to navigate through, to customize and to update/upgrade is tantamount to having adequate traffic finding your website.

Without the right amount and type of people visiting your site, you may as well shut down the site or write in newspaper columns.

‘Elegant themes’ is a product that has been in circulation for over 8 years to date. With built-in SEO features, the product provides a workable platform for novice web entrepreneurs, as well as the tech-savvy and proficient of us who’ve been developing websites for a while now.

However, the user needs to do their own research into what the features are and what downsides, if any, are inherent in the product, but more importantly, whether in fact, the product would help them in any way, especially for bloggers seeking to increase their traffic and ultimately, generate more income.

As the name suggests, the themes are in fact elegant, exhilarating, eye-catching and diverse in that they can fit almost any needs that one may have for a website or blog.

These 87 themes, with two being more popular until recently, are not only very alluring, they are easy to work with and manipulate, according to one’s requirements.

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Why you need Elegant Themes?

Every website/blog needs to attract and retain visitors. The initial stage of attraction can build or destroy a blogger’s site.

Seeing as first impressions are everything, there is undoubtedly a warranted need to present the site in the best way possible, in order to attract whomever you are in fact looking to bring onto your website.

There are plenty of themes available online, for any website developer, at varying prices, and with varying functionality too.

Rightfully so, these themes have to match what you plan to develop for your site, otherwise, the search for the right themes can be excruciatingly slow and frustrating, but also, a total waste of time and futile.

That being said, elegant themes offers TWO pretty workable packages, the first, Divi, being the most useful and perhaps the most universally accepted.

The other theme is known as Extra and it was created right after Divi, with a lot of very similar features, including but not limited to the builder tool. Extra is aimed primarily for those looking to create online magazines, blogs, and online shopping sites.

FOR ONLY $89 (a year), you get 87 themes, with plugins et al for all your website development and/or upgrade needs. This package boasts the themes mentioned above as well as five plugins.

Elegant Themes Pricing

Incidentally, there is, in fact, a cheaper option, for only $67 a year. This, however, does not come with the plugins that may be just as important for developers.

That being said, the other 85 or so themes may be what we may like to call, specific and narrowed, or pertinent and more focused on one type of website and thus, specific needs only.

These other themes include names such as Flexible, Aggregate, Chameleon, Origin and Evolution. These are by no means any less useful in comparison to Divi and Extra. In fact, they may be more useful to other bloggers and web developers who do not need anything too flashy or extravagant.

While we highlight the obvious advantages to using elegant themes, we need to mention that these themes do not require any coding or expertise in website development, hence the reason it is so user-friendly and widely accepted. It is unmatched, even when compared to competitors like Woo Themes, Thesis, and Genesis, which are all, offered on WordPress as well.

There are in fact 10 categories of themes/genres to choose from- including App, Blog, Multimedia, Business, personal, portfolio, responsive, Tumblog, magazine and of course, e-commerce. It is clear to see that the options are numerous and quite diverse, offering a multitude of options for different types of users, with different needs.

Is Elegant Themes Worth the Investment?

Now let us get to the nitty-gritty of things. This is not Mambo-Jambo. We are not making a lot of fuss over nothing. With over 400k+ users and counting, elegant themes has been accepted worldwide as THE website/theme developer of choice. Of course, these themes are home to WordPress, whose sole purpose is website development; specifically, blogs.

As we’ve already mentioned, elegant themes offer a wide array of assortments for theme developing. Of these, two have become increasingly popular and for the right reasons. Divi and Extra are two themes under the Elegant Themes umbrella that are note-worthy.

Divi Theme & Builder

With Divi, the sky is the limit so to speak. Remember, not all websites are built the same. Therefore, not all website developers and/or bloggers have the same requirements.

With Divi, whether you are in fact developing a home-décor website, a medically-themed one or you are part of the automobile industry and would like to reach a wider audience, Divi offers the versatility and user-friendliness that makes for efficient website developing and upgrading.

Incidentally, this product is compatible with mobile products. Therefore, you can use it on your iPhone/Android device, tablet or personal P.C. This means it can be utilized on-the-go.

It also has a very useful create, then drag-and-drop feature. All these features simply reiterate the fact that this is, in fact, the perfect solution for those of us who are less tech-savvy or born -before –computers (BBC) like some of us like to call ourselves.

Because the interface is extremely user-friendly, point-and-click is, well, a click away.

Those who believe they are as tech-savvy as one can get will find this to be their ‘weapon of choice’ as the creation of themes and the like will now be completed much more efficiently. It is, in fact, Time-saving, money saving and labor-saving to say the least.

If the ease of point-and-click wasn’t enough, Divi has a tool called Divi Leads.

This feature allows you to run tests on your theme in order to see how many potential visitors your theme may be able to draw in, and maybe even help you adjust it in order to attract more of one demographic than another.

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For example, a certain headline or hue/color pattern may be more attractive and potentially may draw more people than another. This will all be analyzed and results presented to you, the developer, while using Divi.

Extra Theme

Another theme worth noting is called Extra.

This theme was created primarily with the blogger and magazine editors in mind.

For those looking to create online magazines, online shopping sites and other content-rich websites as they may be called extra has the features necessary for that.

Incidentally, Extra also utilizes Divi’s builder tool, therefore, once again, it is quite simple to create these websites that can sometimes be quite unnerving and overwhelming to work on.

The tools included in this product also provide image-focused layouts, which can be really useful when creating one’s homepage/landing page.

Of course, this is all used to entice the visitor to keep clicking on photos and content, consequently leading them to more content, which in turn ensures that more is read by your visitors and visits, new and returning ones, become increased.

Similarly, Extra also works with templates for the contact page as well as titles.

These are increasingly important when creating online shops or adding products to your blog or magazine.

There are also mini article sliders, as they are called, features that are known only to those who are familiar with website developing but at the same time, useful and user friendly even for those who have a very small inkling of what web site developing is all about.

Features of Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes Features

The tools inherent in this theme are commendable.

Elegant themes comes with Divi Builder, Which is the best content builder out there.

There is in fact a feature that will allow the website to change or adapt/convert, based on certain criteria that will be met when the person you are developing the website for, changes something, or a visitor needs something. The theme will change accordingly.

For purposes of web development and especially blogging, SEO is tantamount to web traffic.

Without SEO, many websites or blogs will not be found as easily or quickly as they should, by the targeted audience.

Elegant themes have a built-in feature that enables SEO without the developer or blogger necessarily knowing too much regarding how to go about optimizing their work.

Most of this optimization requires strategies involving Meta -descriptions, keywords (of course), adequate and catchy titles as well as keyword optimized content and such like.

All these are well known, by only a few. For those who need this step carried out with ease and effectively elegant themes have you sorted.

Let’s see if we can summarize (AND HIGHLIGHT Divi’s features, for the enthusiastic in all of us:

Disabling Images/Text

Sometimes we post an image or text that was or will be relevant at a certain time of the year (only); i.e. it is seasonal or for promotional purposes.

With Divi, these can be disabled without the hassle of removing it entirely, then creating or building the website afresh.

This makes for efficient work without the hassle of doing/undoing then having to re-create. You can simply locate your stuff from archives and repost or initiate something afresh.

Copy & Paste – Drag & Drop

As part of its user-friendliness, you can if fact simply copy stuff from one page to another, without too much complexity and definitely with no coding required.

This is a plus for those of us who have no idea what coding would entail, neither do we care too much to pay extra to have such stuff done, only to realize we could have done it for ourselves.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that copy and paste is the order of the day with Elegant themes’ Divi.

Collapsible Sections

You can collapse, so to speak, certain parts of your website as you create it in order to add or remove stuff and once you’ve decided what does in fact make sense, you can go ahead and confirm its usage.

Undo options

Any time you decide to delete, remove or add something that action is saved and can be reverted in the future. We all make editing mistakes that may need to be changed or redone at some point, without too much hassle. Divi makes it quite easy to do that.

A builder library

Anyone who has had to write proposals or design a Power-Point presentation knows all too well the importance of having templates to work with.

With Divi, there is a library holding varying themes already developed for your use, which can still be customized specifically to what you need.

You can also easily and effectively configure modules to your specifications.

Synchronize multiple items/pages

Once a page and its content have been updated, one can synchronize or update it as universal or ‘Global’ to be exact.

In Divi, this means your content will now be copied, uniformly, to other pages on your site.

This relieves you of the tedious tasks of updating every page, every time you have to change even the minutest of items.

Again, this is a huge plus for the novice web developer or blogger, with less time to develop the site and more time to actually write the content.

It’s clear to see that Divi Builder leaves nothing to chance, even for the most aggressive and proficient web developers.

Contact pages

There are templates that make it easier to create a contact page. With other sites or developers, it can be time-consuming to have to create one of these.

Landing page/member login

Again, Extra makes it easier to create certain pages and the right content with ease.

For example, one may be creating a website that requires members to login/sign-in for them to read/comment or upload content.

This would require a bit more work on the website developer in order to create such a page.

With Extra, a feature is available that makes for easier creation of such a site and thus, such a landing page.

Additional Tab options

This allows one to add features for analytics such as Google, as well as other plugins and the like.

Speaking of plugins, our review would not be nearly complete without mentioning the availability of plugins for use with Divi and Extra.

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The Divi builder mentioned above is a plugin too, all on its own. There are, however, others that need mentioning for a variety of reasons.

The bloom email plugin

With emails being the main form of communication for any newcomer to your site, especially with some form of privacy and possibly anonymity involved, this plugin comes in handy for a number of reasons.

Emails subscribers list-build takes forever to create- it is time-consuming and can sometimes seem futile or of no consequence.

With Bloom’s email plugin, this is made immensely easier.

For starters, it ‘encourages’ users to sign-in and share their email address.

On that same note, there is, in fact, a ‘locked-content’ feature which would force, for lack of a better word, the user, to share their email address before they get full access to your content-be it for review, to comment or even to download.

This locked content feature may seem a tad harsh, but, with the right content on your page, enticing enough for all users, they will, in fact, want to read more and comment, which would mean them having to share their somewhat private details.

With this plugin, there are also trigger settings and customization options. These triggers can be set to control for example, when a pop up will appear including time delays.

It can also be used to make certain forms become active on certain pages only, certain posts and the like. Bloom fairs considerably well compared to others like OptinMonster and Thrive.

Of course, these features help you reach your subscribers (potential ones included) much quicker than you would have ordinarily.

Once a blogger posts something, they would not need to search through their email list, clicking on every member they wish to send the new post to.

The plugin, like all other features of Elegant Themes, comes with options to customize the look, with intro animation as well as templates with different color schemes to name but a few options.

Monarch plugin

This is the perfect tool for promoting your content onto social media.

This plugin allows you to create or have a link/icon for different social media sites, where you, the blogger, for example, has a page or content that you would like to link your new content to.

What it does essentially is to promote and more or less spread or disseminate your information all over the different social media sites.

This sharing on social sites will be tantamount to more exposure for your content.

This will, in turn, bring in more visitors and for the blogger, is an income generator.

All this sharing will help your stuff rank higher on Google which of course means more traffic and helps with your SEO ranking.

Just as a reminder, there are triggers that can be set to prompt a popup for images, links or comment boxes once someone has made one comment or in the case of online shopping, once a purchase has been made.


There is nothing more unnerving and infuriating than having a beautiful blog, nice content and the most illustrious images hanging or stuck, waiting for something that no one seems to have an answer to. This is usually taken care of by support teams.

For a while, Elegant themes was notorious for having low- quality and almost non-existent customer service/support networks, all that seems to have been fixed now.

With an Elegant Themes Blog offering advice on how to blog properly or effectively, especially for those seeking to make a buck or two out of their material, as well as tips on developing your website, it is now not only easy to use elegant themes, it is also, possibly, more enjoyable.

There are also forums, much like forums for everything else.

Elegant themes has a forum dedicated entirely to any technical issues as well as tips for newbies to the product and suggestions or quick tips for quicker execution of whatever the blogger or developer may need to be done ASAP.

If one does, in fact, have an elegant themes account, creating or opening a complaint ticket is very possible, which now places you in line or queuing for the next available attendant or support staff to help you get sorted out.

As their products are updated, so is their database online. This makes it easier for those with elegant themes accounts to access all this information at the click of a button, much to their excitement and approval of course.

However, there are a few recommendations that might need everyone’s attention, especially the newbies.

The Conclusion

For website developers seeking something simple, effective and easy to run with, so to speak, the Extra theme as well as Divi, may be overwhelming to work with.

Not to be misunderstood as being complex, they have a lot of information and options, i.e. one may be spoilt for choice.

Without demos available to simply copy and paste onto your web pages, this means that an already complete theme or template, perhaps from one of the other 85 themes, may be more useful for those who want immediate results.

These other themes may also be easier to use for those who want something temporarily while they sift through the maze that is elegant themes- i.e. Divi and Extra, looking for stuff.

Once their site is up and running, they can now use Divi/ Extra to create what they actually need or want, taking all the time in the world, but with an already up and running site to work with.

With all the features mentioned above, the price for the yearly package, the user-friendliness of the products, proper and timely support structures which includes forums with Q&A sections as well as updates, choosing elegant themes should not be a taxing task, at least not as far as its value for money.

Taking into account that 90 percent of the work has been done for you, it leaves little or no decision to be made as to whether or not to even consider other options, unless, of course, as mentioned earlier, the options do in fact turn out to be overwhelming.

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