Long Tail Pro Review: The Best Keyword Research Tool

Introduction: Long Tail Pro Review

Every blogger and website owner wants to increase traffic but they don’t just want any traffic.

They want targeted profitable traffic.

Most appreciate that using keywords can boost organic traffic not all have tapped into the added benefits of long-tailed keywords.

Put simply these are phrases which buyers will use to search for products and services which they are ready to buy and seriously considering purchasing because they know what they want they are specific in their searches.

When they make that purchase you want them to end up on your site or post so the profit from a purchase or click through to your affiliate, ends up in your pocket. Like the idea but not sure how to implement it?

There are detailed posts on how to optimize your content but the manual methods are laborious and slow taking up precious time and using considerable effort, for many the answer is a keyword research tool and there are many to choose from.

Long Tail Pro boasts that it will save time and boost rankings. In this Long Tail Pro Review, we’ll look at the features and benefits so you can decide if this is the tool for you.

So here is the most comprehensive Long tail pro review for your SEO needs!

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What is Long Tail Pro?

In a nutshell Long Tail Pro generates thousands of keywords which direct search engines to rank your website more highly; it can process multiple seed keywords simultaneously saving valuable time.

Detailed information is provided about each keyword to help you select low competition keywords which will improve your ranking. Key information is listed for each keyword such as search volume and the single figure Keyword Competition score which makes the selection of the right keywords a breeze!

We’ll look at the benefits Long Tail Pro offers, how it compares to the competition and its ease of use in a tutorial of the main features.

Let’s get started.

Benefits of Long Tail Pro

Over 70,000 marketers use Long Tail Pro and it continues to dominate the market since its launch in 2011. Its creators have made some updates in this time so it still stands out as the best keyword research tool out there.

When doing this Long tail pro review, we researched and found many different people use it for different features.

Looking over the website numerous features jump out as huge positives for this particular keyword research tool. Here’s a summary;

Speed and simplicity

Keyword suggestions can be found in minutes, across any discipline, country or language.

These are simple to rank and select an exact search volume data is included plus the keyword competitiveness rating.

Proprietary Keyword Competitiveness score

Only found in Long Tail Pro the Keyword Competitiveness score rates keywords according to their difficulty to rank in top search results.

Including each project’s domain also reveals the level of keyword difficulty to aim for with each site so searches can be tailored quickly.

Personalized Metrics

Can be accessed for each keyword to assess their suitability, everything you need to know from domain strength, indexed URLs, number of links to site age it’s easily found, sorted and ranked. Results can be exported.

Rank Value

This is a new feature allowing keywords to be sorted according to their profitability which is vital information for all websites whether you are promoting your own products or others for example with an Adsense or Amazon Site.

You can also get competition data, input the keywords and compare local/global search, CPC and number of words.

Comprehensive Analysis of Competition

A full breakdown of Google results including the percentage of organic traffic is easily visible via its SERP availability score.

A real-time rank tracking feature

Allows you to choose domains, URL or keyword that you want to track and then maps those over time so you can see progress, nifty feature included in the monthly and annual plans.

At a click, you can view keyword ranking history or identify your top results allowing you to focus on these projects to produce faster results. Graphs are exportable for use in business presentations.

Experienced SEO’s on hand

Customer support team is made up of highly experienced SEO’s and response time is fast (usually under 2 hours).

Long Tail Pro boasts a 100% customer satisfaction rating for conversation ratings which includes answering questions, giving advice and technical support. An excellent all-round commendation.

How Long Tail Keywords turn into profit

Using Long Tail keywords does two important things it helps people to find your review and more of the people finding you are likely to buy something, why?

There are different kinds of people that search the internet, browsers, and buyers, you want the buyers to end up on your site buying your product or clicking your affiliate links.

Browsers will search general terms because they are sure yet what they want, their search terms are shorter like “handbag” or “shoes”, and don’t always result in a purchase (see short red ‘head’ on the graph).
Image result for Long Tail

Browsers account for about 20% of traffic and keywords are dominated by the big competitors with large advertising budgets, they can afford for clicks not to turn to profit because they have tens of thousands of clicks a day.

The searches you want are the more specific ones that buyers will use which tend to be longer and more specific “women’s black handbag” or “Black sports shoes for men”.

Yes, they will get less traffic individually but they account for 80% of traffic combined and more of those clicking are ready to buy so these result in more profit (see orange ‘long tail’ of the graph).

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Long Tail Pro identifies and analyzes these profitable keywords in minutes.

Comparing Long Tail Pro to the competition

Long Tail Pro is used by many of the top marketers but why? Especially when there are many other keyword research tools available, some you may have heard of are SEMRush, Moz, Market Samurai, SpyFu, Adhefs and Word Stream.

Each has its own features, benefits, and drawbacks but how do they stack up against Long Tail Pro?

The Majority of the competitors are more expensive than Long Tail Pro so this tool definitely has the edge where cost is concerned.

Some don’t have an annual subscription option so incurring an ongoing monthly cost is unavoidable.

Moz has various interesting tools but is mostly directed to the local area, so great if you are a Taxi firm or Take away not so good for national or global business.

SpyFu is another limited application holding only US and UK data although reports are downloadable as with Long Tail Pro.

Considering the others overall they do offer some positive features for example Adhefs is great for back-link information and SEMRush has good analysis tools and tracking features, but Long Tail Pro is less wieldy to use so faster at getting to those all-important low competition keywords and importantly at a great price.

Purchasing Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is available online and can be downloaded quickly and easily, it runs on most operating systems including Mac and Windows and can be installed on more than one device (simultaneous logins limited depending on plan choice).

It runs through Adobe Air which can be downloaded for free. You need to have an English language Google Adwords account to link after downloading but again this is available free of charge, Long Tail Pro can also be linked with your MOZ account.

Long Tail Pro Cloud plans can be downloaded directly from the website as a Starter or Pro plan each with monthly or annual billing options.

Starter plans include 1000 keywords per hour but Pro 2500 per hour so it really depends on your individual needs and how many websites you manage.

Both plans allow users to access great features such as the Keyword competitiveness score, Competitor analysis, Rank Tracker (limits to keyword tracking apply), Domain Keyword Difficulty recommendations and online chat support.

Pro also gives two logins rather than one with the starter. For teams, there is an Agency option with a whopping 6000 keyword searches per hour and five simultaneous logins.

Impressively all options include access to Long Tail University Keyword Course so users can hone their skills.

For anyone able to access a pre-2016 desktop version of Long Tail Pro they will see that they are not limited to a specific number of keywords but neither do non-Premium users have access to the Keyword Competitiveness features.

Premium users were offered a free upgrade to Cloud when it was introduced.

Long Tail Pro Tutorial

A huge benefit of Long Tail Pro is its ease of use and the speed at which keywords are generated and analyzed so next we are going to run through some the main features and how they are used.

Setting up Long Tail Pro is relatively easy, from the main interface click on settings which will let you link your Google Adwords account and your Moz account (if you have one).

After this, it’s time to add the different projects you need keywords for,

Image result for Long Tail Pro Screenshot set up

On the left-hand side of the screen select the large plus button to access the project menu, complete the title and other information remembering to indicate whether you want to include adult ideas then click the “Create Project Button”.

Repeat the process for all of your projects.

How to search for keywords

First, select the project you would like to work on, then click on “Find keywords” from here populate the box with your keywords.
how to use long tail pro

Imagine yourself as a customer looking to make that purchase and use the specific language they would use, where a customer is looking for an electric scooter but they would probably search “best electric scooter” or “electric scooter reviews” so add these as keywords too.

This will make your initial search more successful but don’t worry if your mind goes blank, Long Tail Pro can help.

You’ll see an option to add seed keywords too if you are struggling to think of keywords or are looking to generate new possible keywords based around a particular stem add these in and Long Tail Pro will generate similar keyword ideas.

You can also customize the data with filters but these can also be applied later so at first leave blank so you can see the full extent of what Long Tail Pro can do.

Once complete click “Generate Keywords and Fetch Data” this will provide a list of keywords and corresponding data.

If at any point during your keyword search you find that the number of returns is low or that they are all poor keywords (high KC or low traffic) then you can use a tool like Ubersuggest to come up with more seed keywords or look at Forums in your niche for other ideas.

Next, we’ll look at using data to analyze which keywords are the right ones for your site and situation.

Analysing keywords

Long Tail Pro makes selecting the best keywords to increase organic traffic easy by using local search information and the Keyword Competitiveness rating (not available in earlier Long Tail Pro Desktop versions).

First find the keywords with high numbers of searches over 2500 preferably but at least over 1000, you can add a filter to eliminate keywords outside this range automatically but when you are starting out seeing a full list can be useful to see a full overview.

After this check out the Keyword Competitiveness score for each, here lower is better as you are more likely to rank higher with these keywords. Clicking on the “Avg Keyword Competitiveness” title box will rank them so the lower ones are easier to find.

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Long tail Pro

Anything under 40 is worth a closer look so in this example “best pocket knife” and “best pockets knives” with a score of 26 and 28 are worth further investigation but “best camping knife” with a low score of 20 may be worth a look too.

Highlight these as favorites so you can go back to them later, after marking all that interest you hit the “calculate” button to order them from highest to lowest.

Aim for content to include the main keyword with searches of over 2500 and as low competitiveness as possible, also select several secondary keywords with low competitiveness (these may have lower search counts) to maximize your chances of ranking highly.

Clicking on any keyword will drop down a list of results from Google (rank tracker), one use of this is to make sure that your keyword features as you expect, for example, if you search the keyword PBN intending it to mean private blog network a Long Tail Pro search reveals that the top Google sites using PBN are actually Pacific Business News and Pacific Broadband Networks, so this is one to avoid even if the competitiveness score is low.

Understanding of KC scores

KC or Keyword competitiveness score is a huge advantage when using Long Tail Pro Cloud making it much easier to select keywords that will help you to rank higher and more quickly.

The more complete your understanding of this aspect of the program the more effective you will be at selecting appropriate keywords. A visual representation is included below

Image result for Long Tail Pro Screen Shot

Clearly, the lower the score the less competition encountered so the greater the chance of ranking highly among competitors.

Some keywords are more popular than others and it may feel essential to include them as other options are limited or too obscure this can be the case with frequently searched terms such as insurance, but if KC is 70 or higher avoid them and look for alternatives.

First target keyword with a KC of below 30 as this is low competition.

Don’t dismiss those with medium competition between 30 and 40 but remember to rank with these you’ll need some extras such as backlinks or domain authority.

Above 40 and the top ten is mostly taken up with high authority sites and serious effort will be needed and possibly more time to rank with these.

Using Keyword Research

The Keyword Research feature gives you more details about each keyword, click on the keyword to access.

How to find the right keywords for SEO - competitor analysis

Now you can compare both the page KC and domain KC, follow the rules as above and aim for both under 30.

Also, check out the number of backlinks ideally this should be low.

Additionally, you can add your own site domain to find out the optimum KC ranges you should aim for, in the example below the target KC is between 25 and 30 but depending on your domain strength this may offer more flexibility.

How to choose best keywords for SEO - add a domain feature

How to check keyword ranking

Long Tail Pro allows you to check how your keywords are performing in the top search engines, letting you know what’s working and what’s not and also highlighting where to focus either to really push the high flyer or scoop up those lagging behind.

Access it from the menu on the left-hand side click “Rank Checker” select the project you want to track.

Next, you are going to fill in the “Add Keywords” section along with the URL or page you want to track. Choose the search engine and click “ADD” when done.

enter key

A table of rankings is displayed like this, so it’s easy to compare trends. If you want to you can use the customize button to tailor your table.


For more in-depth information click on the row and a graph of the day by day performance is displayed.

rank history

Finding Keywords for your niche

The techniques described so far can be used to find and analyze keywords to suit any niche simply by adapting the starting keyword to one relevant to your particular niche and searching for low competition keywords.

For example, if you enter “dining table” as a seed word Long Tail Pro will generate multiple options of keywords for you, further keywords can be generated by adding best or review to your original try “best dining tables” or “dining table reviews” to locate those profitable keywords.

PPC (pay per Click)

Paid search is a tricky area and one where Long Tail Pro can help generate less competitive keywords that are tailored to your niche, they are usually longer and more specific which makes them less expensive.

For example, a keyword “dishwasher” a more general search term will cost significantly more than “cost-saving dishwashers” or “best compact dishwashers” which are more specific.

A higher search volume usually translates to a more expensive keyword due to greater competition.

Also what you pay for a keyword depends somewhat on your account history so those with higher click volume will pay less.

However, caution needs to be exercised as long tail keywords can be more obscure so may give a lower quality score in searches so need to be scrupulously included within the copy.

Including numerous keywords which achieve only a few clicks per month even cheaper ones can be expensive in the long run.

In Conclusion: The Long Tail Pro Review

For anyone wanting to increase their website traffic, Long Tail Pro will help them find and analyze keywords quickly and easily.

It can process multiple keywords simultaneously which only adds to its flexibility.

New features such as the single figure Keyword Competitiveness score give an “at a glance” overview of possible keywords making the selection of low competition, high traffic keywords so simple.

The rank tracker is excellent at demonstrating how each project is performing over time and with all the information at your fingertips those business presentations will be a breeze.

If you do have any difficulties their exceptional customer service team is on hand to help.

That concludes out in-depth Long Tail Pro Review. With Long Tail Pro you get all of this and more at a very competitive price. Can you really do without it?

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