MaherPost Review: The Best Facebook Auto Poster Tool

Are you spending too much time posting to Facebook profiles, pages and joined groups one by one like a common laborer?

In today’s world, you can only get ahead by doing “smart” work and not the “hard” work.

It is the era of internet and technology and to cope up with the fast trending social network one has to believe that “survival of the fittest” is the only strategy to win the battle of success.

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media and can provide you access to an enormous and consistent audience.

It can get your product, service or website/blog to a mass audience interested in just that.

What is MaherPost?

MaherPost is a single app that facilitates its users with tons of benefits for Facebook marketing.

If you want to remain active in social media and desire maximum attention from your viewers, MaherPost Facebook Group Poster is your ultimate need.

MaherPost is a name you can trust blindly because it assists its users at all levels. This Facebook group poster has been serving its users since 2011 and its services for more than a decade have improved a lot with the passage of time.

From finding prospects to facilitating its users, MaherPost is the only social media companion that will help you to reach the seven skies of success. Following are all the factors that will prove to you that MaherPost is your right choice.

MaherPost Features

  • Post to all the groups you’re a member of!
  • Schedule your posts for any time and it’ll post at the selected time on Autopilot
  • Select the time delay between each post, so you’re always safe
  • MaherPost Facebook group poster is the first priority of business owners and entrepreneurs because with the help of this Facebook marketing tool they can keep updated and alive on social networks as compared to their competitors.
  • It is spintex supported.
  • Images, videos, links can be posted and even edited any time you desire.
  • If you are registered with the Plus or Pro plan of MaherPost, you can enjoy the benefit of posting your updates to multiple accounts at a time.
  • Post Emojis with your message as well
  • You can see the latest notifications and status regarding your posts with the help of MaherPost Facebook auto poster.

MaherPost – Your Best Marketing Strategy

MaherPost is a crucial tool for the businessman and entrepreneurs.

They can save their time and efforts by scheduling their posts to all groups/profiles/pages on Facebook from the same dashboard.

Managing your social media profile is as simple as a piece of cake. MaherPost app will cut all kind of internal risks that may harm your social media reputation and presence.

How to Kick Start your Business with MaherPost?

Getting started with MaherPost is a very simple procedure. After purchasing the app, you have to connect this program with all the Facebook accounts you are using. You can learn how to do that and how to use the app from MaherPost tutorials.

Before you plan to proceed just make a decision about the membership offer you want to subscribe as your marketing tool.

There are different membership plans with cost-friendly rates. We will discuss the details of the different packages later.

How to Auto Post to Facebook with MaherPost?

With MaherPost, you can automate everything on the world’s largest social network.

Only thing you need to do is just to plan for the most appropriate time to post the update and schedule it to MaherPost, this app will automatically publish your assigned post to all the Facebook accounts accurately at the desired time.

This is how MaherPost Facebook group poster serves its clients, save their time and give them relief from any kind of exertion they may face to post material on the allocated time.

Let us see the complete and simple procedure of scheduling your uploads for future posting;

Step 1: Adding a New Update

To schedule your message to Facebook groups/pages or profiles using MaherPost, Go to MaherPost dashboard.

The app will ask you to add any text, link, image, video or multi-image that you want to post at any time.

MaherPost - Add Message

Write down your message or upload your file/ image or video and mention the delay to post in terms of seconds or minutes. Save the post and there you go.

Step 2: Set your Posting Time and Account Details

With MaherPost, you can choose to make the posting live on your browser window or schedule your posting.

MaherPost Schedule Date & Time

To schedule your post, click on the schedule post button and select your date and time you want the post to go out.

MaherPost provides multiple options to schedule the posts.

You can choose the time interval between each post to prevent your account getting into Facebook Jail.

If you want your post to be repeated every X days, you can select that too.

Everything automated for you!

Step 3: Add to Queue

Once you click Save the schedule, your posts will be added to the queue and start posting on your scheduled time.

If you want to post more than one update at a specific time or at different interval of times, you just have to create them and then add them to the queue of the scheduled posts. MaherPost will actively post your content on the assigned time and social media accounts.

Step 4: Future Analysis of your Posts/Reports

Through this option available with scheduling, you can get timely and prompt reports about the response of the audience regarding your post.

Moreover, a detail of all the successful updates posted and those that are still in pipeline can be seen by going into Schedule post logs.

Response from the liked pages, groups and the recent position of your page on social media can be viewed through the help of this app.

You can see the response your updates are receiving on each and every social media account where you have posted them. You can get prompt notifications about the posted update and you can track the performance of your update and other interactions connected to it easily with the help of this Facebook group poster.

Besides this, the trends your social media account is facing can be streamlined with the analytic features of MaherPost.

MaherPost shows the fluctuations in viewer’s interest in the form of accurate graphs. With this facility, you can easily approach your audience and can get a useful feedback from them by analyzing their response to your posted material

Never Confuse MaherPost with other Marketing Tools

Though there is a wide choice of social media marketing tools, unfortunately, some of them never offer the declared services and are nothing more than a crooked deal.

But for MaherPost, you can trust it wholeheartedly because it is the most genuine service available on social media.

We can proudly admit that our marketing app is 100% legit and it offers dynamic opportunities of excelling on the social media to its users.

We suggest all the interested viewer experience its free trial for a while and if you find it trustworthy and effective then we are always here to welcome our new clients. Our round the clock online services never miss a single query from our client’s side and our easy tutorials will help the viewers a lot in judging the quality of the services we offer.

Membership Plans of MaherPost

You can buy MaherPost Facebook Group poster with very reasonable costs. All payments can be made through,

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX

MaherPost offers 3 plans and charges yearly only and there are no monthy fees.

Basic: Use MaherPost for 1 Facebook account just at the reasonable cost of $39.00

Plus: This offer you can enjoy with 3 Facebook accounts. The final costs are $49.00

Professional: If you want to use MaherPost with 7 Facebook accounts, get registered with a price of $ 79.00

No Time Passers Please!

MaherPost is one of the most commonly used social media marketing tools and is made just to entertain the businessman, entrepreneurs and those who use social media to earn money.

But reminding our clients again that this Facebook app is never meant for those who want to use it just for fun. So, no time wasters are appreciated to sign up for the app.

We believe that time is money and MahePost Facebook auto poster is here just at a distance of single click from you, to save your time and money.

That was our review of MaherPost. Hope it helps you with your Facebook Marketing.

Have any queries about MaherPost? Comment below!

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5 thoughts on “MaherPost Review: The Best Facebook Auto Poster Tool”

  1. Hi,

    Just a small question about your plans and related facebook account nos. Why should I have to have more than one account ie. if I do have a business page, why should I have to have more than one for the same products. Is this safer so that facebook won’t band me .


    • Hello,

      In MaherPost, account means Facebook account. All your groups and pages are already included in that. And you don’t need more than one Facebook page, using more than one account is recommended for group posting because you can reach more people that way, that’s all.

      If you have more questions, you can reach MaherPost support team at

  2. Is this product still working successfully and is supported still?

    Assuming I stick to sensible posting levels and time intervals, I am still safe with this to avoid any FB Jail?

    Please reply as I am an interested buyer.

    • Yes, MaherPost is still working and supported.

      And yes, if you use it right and follow the instructions given by MaherPost correctly, you should not face any issues at all.

      MaherPost is better than manually posting because of the unique safety features, so you won’t face Facebook blocks if use all features correctly.

  3. I am a freelancer and want your services to post ads in multiple groups. I have already wasted money with same kind of website and it did not worked at all.

    I am quite interested in your plan But would you allow me to use a trial for single or couple of days. if it works, i ll make the payment.


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