Yoast Premium Review: Is it better than Free version?


The world of blogging is increasingly becoming technical in nature. This is mainly due to the intense competition in the field that is occasioned by the increased number of bloggers.

To beat the competition, you definitely want to employ the most ingenious of all techniques available. This is the role that the Yoast SEO Plugin is designed to play.

Let’s start the Yoast Premium Review and see if it’s better than the free version.

Yoast Premium Review

For a start, Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin which basically handles the technical optimization aspects of your site besides assisting in optimizing your content.

With the Yoast SEO plugin, you may be able to perform a variety of chores. These include the creation of XML sitemaps, add customized RSS footers, integrate to social media, and so on.

Even though the free version is great, the Premium version is even greater. It does come at a cost, granted. However, it comprises several features that are missing in the free version. We are going to examine the advantages that the Yoast Premium has over and above the free version below.

Advantages OF Yoast Premium

Back-end Support

The Premium version is backed by round-the-clock customer care support. The robust and qualified customer care executives are always on standby and ready to listen to all your concerns.

They will guide you through whichever obstacle you might possibly confront in your journey.

Social Previews

From time to time, you might normally want to integrate your WordPress with the various social media platforms. This social preview function gives you a peek into how the end result will most likely appear.

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This way, you are able to make any adjustments or finer alterations before effecting those changes officially.

More Keywords

The free version of the Yoast SEO plugin gives you only one keyword option. However, with the Yoast Premium version, you get to enjoy up to 5 keywords per post. This brings align several benefits.

You will be able to achieve higher rankings in the search engine sites. Moreover, your page will also rank higher and become more visible in the search engine results pages.

Internal Linking Suggestions

To rank your page better and enable it to be highly visible, you certainly want to leverage the internal linking suggestions feature.

This feature basically analyses your text and suggests the links to foreign pages that are related to your posts. This way, it sees to it that your site reaches its full potential when it comes to ranking.

The service also saves you a great deal of time by negating the need for you to do so manually.

Content Insights

To fully optimize your contents, you definitely have to know the analytics of the page. The content insights exist to meet this particular need.

It counts all the words and phrases you have used in each page and then generates a statistical graph to display the result.

This way, you keep posted on the frequency of the words used as well as how to make any necessary adjustments.

Redirect Manager

Other than linking the contents and pages of your post to foreign pages, you might also want to do the exact opposite.

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You might want to redirect your pages to foreign sites and pages. The premium version of Yoast SEO comprises the Redirect Manager feature.

As hinted, this feature redirects your contents from one URL to another.

In so doing, it integrates with Google search console, helps you to monitor and solve your errors, manages your redirects, and keeps your site nice and clean at all times.


Lastly, the premium version of the Yoast SEO plugin is absolutely free of ads. This confers several benefits to you.

For one, it spares you from the inconveniences that do come along with these ads. The absence of ads also sees to it that the pages load faster and more effectively.

This minimizes the errors, inconsistencies, and other forms of inconveniences that may come along with slow loading.

Yoast Premium Pricing

Closing Remarks

Well, it is our hope that you have received the necessary insights. You are now truly convinced, or so we suppose, that Yoast Premium is by far more superior to the free version notwithstanding its costlier price.

In this regard, we urge you to go ahead and subscribe to the plugin. You would not wish to delay in leveraging the benefits we have highlighted and discussed above, would you?

That concludes Yoast Premium Review, Chao for now!

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  1. I only used yoast for the xml sitemap and decided to ditch it. It’s not even worth installing anymore. Their ideas about SEO are outdated and only newbies take them seriously.


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